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Ruth Bucher, LMT, CTAP, CBP, MTI, CE, Member AMTA

Cell: 469-338-9748      e-mail: rubu1323@yahoo.com

Massage Therapy Instructor MI2074, CE Provider CE1979 

Quality Skills Classes 2018 Location and Class Dates:

Location:  Home office location SW of the intersection of I30 and Loop 820S; an alternate location for bigger classes is close by. Details will be provided prior to class date.
Accepted form of payment: Cash & check; No credit card processing fees on classes up to 12 CE hours.
Refer a new student, get $10 discunt on your workshop.

Workshops & Classes 2018 TRAGER Intro Day 1                
9a – 4p  6 CE   $85/early reg. $75
TRAGER Intro Day2                    9a – 4p  6 CE   $70/early reg. $60 QS Muscle Stretching  
9a – 6p  24 CE         
Introductory Special $250*
early registration $200*
QS Myofascial Therapy
9a – 6p  24 CE              Introductory Special $250*
early registration $200*
TRAGER Professional
Training Level I

9a - 6p  48 CE   $1140*    register by 8/24  $1040*
TRAGER Practitioner Training Level V          9a - 6p  24 CE    $500* register by 8/24  $450*
March Sat    3/10  Sun   3/11  Sat 3/17 - Mon 3/19      
April Wed 4/18 Thu   4/19        
Fri -Sat 4/6 - 7 AMTA TX Chapter Convention, League City/Houston, 16 CE, open to all LMTs - click for more info
May Mon 5/14 Tue   5/15   Sat 5/5 - Mon 5/7    
June Sat   6/16 Sun   6/17 Sun 6/10 -  Tue 6/12      
July Sat   7/14 Sun   7/15   Sun 7/29 - Tue 7/31    
August Sun  8/12 Mon 8/13  Mon 8/27 - Wed 8/19      
September Sat  9/8 Sun   9/9     Mon 9/24 – Sat 9/29    
October      Mon 10/15 - Wed 10/17   Mon 10/1 – Wed 10/3
Quality SkillsA La Carte

For Questions and TRAGER demos meet me in person every third Thursday at the THIRD THIRSDAY TRHIVE
Alternative Healthcare Provider Fair at the Southside Preservation Hall in Fort Worth, 6:30pm - 9pm.

AFI – Key to Excellence and Sustainability: An Exploration of Basic Core Principles 

of The TRAGER® Approach to Psychophysical Integration

~ A Playful and Effortless Way to Working and Feeling Better ~

 In this class we explore the power of Awareness, Focus, and Intention, basic core principles of The TRAGER Approach. 
We learn about a safe and effortless approach to self-care and the healing potential of mindful touch.
On the second day we will explore these principles more in-depth.

 “It’s not a technique, it’s a feeling”

 We are learning about a NEW APPROACH:
Body Awareness: We practice paying attention to our own bodies and how to move effortlessly to feel better.
Touch Awareness: We practice paying attention to what happens when we mindfully touch another person.
Integrating Awareness: We practice Awareness,  Focus, and Intention to effortlessly feel and work better.
This class offers an insight into how and why the TRAGER Approach works.
From here you are able to make an informed decision whether this modality is for you to pursue further.

There is no obligation to enter the TRAGER professional training after this class.
Note: Only certified TRAGER practitioners who are active members in good standing with the US TRAGER Association
are legally permitted to use the trademarked TRAGER logo, and the terms “TRAGER®”, and “Mentastics®” to advertise and describe their work.

 TRAGER Introductory Workshops do not qualify you as a TRAGER Practitioner or to use the work for gainful employment.
There is no obligation to take the second workshop.
If you are interested in taking it, Day 2 can be taken immediately following Day 1 workshop or at a later time;
there is no obligation to register for Day 2 when registering for Day 1;
prerequisite for Day 2 is Day 1. There are no prerequisites for the first workshop (Day 1); you don’t need a massage license to take this class.
Day 1: $85 / $75 with early registration
Day 2: $70 / $60 with early registration or sign up at the preceding Day 1 workshop
Repeat participation: $40 per workshop
Cash, check, and credit cards accepted
Early registration ends 10 calendar days before the workshop date.
9am to 4pm; 6 CE credits for LMTs per workshop;  Location: Fort Worth, TX, details TBA

For more on TRAGER click here       

TRAGER® Level I Professional Training September 24th – 29th, 2018, Fort Worth, Texas 

Trager®, Mentastics® and the Dancing Cloud Logo are Service Marks of Trager International

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Quality Skills Muscle Stretching for Self-Care
& Practice:

We learn simple, easy, and quick self-care stretches that help prevent repetitive motion injuries.
Stretching for the practice presents comprehensive muscle stretching that can easily be incorporated in to a regular massage routine. Proper muscle stretching is essential in rehabilitation and prevention of a large array of physical issues. This method is fast and effective and saves a lot of time and effort.
We will address muscle stretching with the client prone, supine, and side-laying.

This is a 3 day workshop, 9am to 6pm.
LMTs in TX get 24 hrs of continuing education credits per class . For prerequisites click here.
Tuition: Special Introductory Rate $250 / early registration by 10 calendar days before the class date $200.
Refer a new studend and earn a $10 dicount on your class.
Cash and checks accepted; *credit card processing fee: $10

Location: Fort Worth, TX; details TBA

Link to Self Care Stretches

Quality Skills Myofascial Therapy

This is a versatile technique that can be used in a standalone one-hour session or in combination with other modalities.

This advanced modality can be used as a sports massage routine that is especially effective in combination with QS Muscle Stretching as pre-event therapy (60 to 120 minutes sessions). Some athletes will require some pre-event practice to adjust to improved range of motion and flexibility (Golfing, Base Ball).

QS Myofascial Therapy is recommended as preliminary technique to soften dense layers of connective tissue for deep tissue massage and deep tissue therapy.

Used at the beginning of a regular massage session QS Myofascial Therapy helps loosen tight, dense connective tissue for more effective massage treatments that are easier on the client as well as the therapist.

You will learn a reliable full body routine that includes working the front, both sides and the back of the body.

This is a 3 day workshop, 9am to 6pm.

LMTs in TX get 24 hrs of continuing education credits per class. For prerequisites click here.
Tuition: Special Introductory Rate $250 / early registration by 10 calendar days before the class date $200
Refer a new studend and earn a $10 dicount on your class.
Cash and checks accepted; *credit card processing fee: $10
Location: Fort Worth, TX; details TBA

Quality Skills Á La Carte:
Personalized Hands-On Continuing Education Sessions for Licensed Massage Therapists in TX

Convenient * Personal * Useful, Effective skills * Hands-On * Local
One-On–One or small group Training

How it Works:  Choose your topic either from a list of suggestions or name your own, bring a practice client or a colleague, and invest in a personal training session to improve your techniques in a wide variety of massage therapy and BodyWork subjects.

How Many CEs Will I Get?   Receive 1 continuing education credit per hour of instruction; schedule 2 to 6 hours of training session per day in as many sessions as you need and like.
When Can I Get my CEs?  You won’t need to take extra time off from work or travel a long distance. Schedule the training sessions during a slow time of the day/week/year; a morning, an evening, a weekend. You can schedule the sessions back to back or over a period of time.

Sample of Suggested Topics:

  • TRAGER® sneak preview (2 hrs), or Intro to TRAGER® (6hrs total)
  • QS Myofascial Therapy and QS Muscle Stretching sneak previews
  • Side-laying work: shoulders, hips, back, IT tract, QL; Side-laying for clients who can't stay prone or supine for an extended time
  • "no-dig", pain free psoas release
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome (and more): prevention and rehabilitation for yourself and your clients
  • How to work effectively on “that spot between the shoulder blades”
  • Effective low back work
  • Stretching for self care and for the client
  • Proper body mechanics just for you
  • How to address sciatica issues
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Effective neck work
  • A reliable routine for a regular Swedish massage: secrets for a successful session and repeat clientele
  • Your own topic:  Are you "stuck" with something?  Do you need help with a client's specific issue(s)?  Do you have an area you would like to improve your work? Would you like to learn something completely new and useful to add to your repertoire?

Brand Name Modalities and Spa Treatments:  I am NOT offering specific brand name modality trainings and spa treatments, but we can discuss what you are looking for, and find a generic approach to the type of work you would like to learn and usefully apply in your practice.

For example: I don’t offer Foot Reflexology classes, but I can offer foot massage techniques that are easy on you and have a full body effect.

Depending on your chosen topic you may need to schedule more than one (three) training session(s) to cover the information.

Location:  Home office location SW of the intersection of I30 and Loop 820S - some evening and weekend appointments are available.
Call for more information  469-338-9748.
Think about a topic you would like to address, so we can discuss your personalized CE training session.

How to save money and trips:
Tuition: a total of $60 per hour for up to 4 participants

(one person: $60/hr; two people $30/hr/person; three people $20/hr/person; four and more people $15/hr/person)

Individual sessions:  Share your training session with other massage therapists; learn and practice with each other, and share the tuition.

Small Groups:  Get together a small group of colleagues, choose a topic and schedule a CE day. 

For a minimum of four people you can schedule a 6 hour training day in Fort Worth.
For groups of six or more people, you can schedule a 6 hour training day at your preferred location.
Call for more information and to schedule a training class.

Contact Information: Call: 469-338-9748, please leave a message or text;   e-mail: rubu1323@yahoo.com 

            Prerequisites for taking Quality Skills classes:

Welcome to participate in any classes are Licensed Massage Therapist, Physical, Occupational Therapists and Chiropractors who are interested in a different approach to soft tissue work. The TRAGER® intro workshops are open to all.
The Instructor is licensed to provide continuing education credits for licensed massage therapists in TX. If you are not a TX LMT, you may participate in any of the classes for a personal learning experience.
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About the Massage Therapy Instructor and TRAGER Introductory Workshop Leader

Ruth Bucher, LMT, has been a licensed professional massage therapist since 1995, and a certified TRAGER™ Approach Practitioner since 2000. Since her graduation from Hands-on Therapy School of Massage in Garland she has been continuing her education in the massage therapy profession.
Ruth’s ultimate goal as a massage therapist and BodyWork practitioner is to assist her clients in achieving optimal health, including relief from stress and pain by natural means.
Her goal as a massage therapy instructor and CE provider is to share her ever expanding experience in the massage therapy and BodyWork profession with other massage therapists and healthcare practitioners.
Ruth has been a Massage Therapy Instructor and Continuing Education Provider since 2009.
Advanced Therapy Modalities Background:
® Approach to Body-Mind Integration and Movement Education
- CORE Myofascial Therapy
- Pregnancy Massage
- Muscle Release Therapy
- Hot Stone Therapy
- Al-Di-La’ Facial Massage and Toning
- Body Talk
® Energy Balancing
- Thai Massage
- Sports Massage
- Shiatsu
- Trigger Point Therapy
- Reflexology
- Deep Tissue Therapy
- Aromatherapy
- Infant Massage Demonstration
- Manual Lymph Drainage, Dr. Vodder Technique


 Ruth Bucher, LMT, CTAP, MTI
469-338-9748         rubu323@yahoo.com

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©Ruth Bucher, 2018,  rubu1323@yahoo.com