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Ruth Bucher, LMT, CTAP, CBP, MTI, Member AMTA
Cell: 469-338-9748      e-mail: rubu1323@yahoo.com

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The TRAGER® Approach to Body/Mind Integration and Movement Education
QS Myofascial Sports Therapy
QS Stretch-Release Therapy
Integrated Therapeutic Swedish Massage
Migraine Miracle® Migraine and Headache relief
Deep Tissue Therapy
Pregnancy Massage
Hot Stone Therapy
Al-Di-La' Facial Toning and Massage
Foot Massage
How Often Do I Schedule a Massage/ BodyWork Session to Get Best Results?
Which massage or bodywork modality do I need to get?
Disclaimer for Your Information  
The TRAGER® Approach to Psychophysical Integration and Movement Education
TRAGER®  is a very subtle, gentle, practically pain free approach to release tension in muscles and stiffness in joints. It noticeably improves flexibility, range of motion, and circulation.
A feeling of connectedness and balance is created in your body and you move with greater ease.
No lotions or oils are used with this modality; comfortable, lose clothing can be worn during the session if preferred.
You are invited to connect with your body and explore feelings of flexibility, softness, and ease of movement. These skills you can take with you when you leave and apply in your daily life.
Traditional TRAGER® sessions are 90 minutes; adjustments can be made to suit your needs and preferences.
If you are reluctant to sign up for a full session, please ask for a short demo at the time of your next massage therapy session.
More information you find on the official TRAGER® website:  tragerus.org

Trager®, Mentastics® and the Dancing Cloud Logo are Service Marks of Trager International

Quality Skills Myofascial Sports Therapy
The fascia of the body is a connective tissue that wraps around bones, muscle tissue and organs. Through every day life, and surgeries and injuries that create scar tissue, the fascia can get tight and restrict range of motion, flexibility and muscle function.
QS Myofascial therapy releases the tension in the fascia and allows the body to move more freely and the muscles to function more efficiently again. The effect is comparable to riding a bicycle wearing tight jeans before the session to riding a bicycle wearing lose shorts after the session.
This is a one hour full body session that includes work on the front, both sides and the back of the body.
An additional half hour will allow including muscle release therapy for further benefits.
This therapy is excellent for athletes who want to improve and maintain their personal performance, and for clients who like the results of deep tissue massage without having to suffer the pain often involved during the session.
Quality Skills Stretching

In QS Stretching gentle 2-second stretches are integrated with traditional Swedish massage to help ease low back pain and symptoms from muscular overuse like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, "Tennis Elbow", Sciatica, Plantar Fasciitis, joint pain, other back pain, neck pain, and more. It helps restore natural muscle function, flexibility, and range of motion after old and new injuries and prevent future injuries.

60 to 90 minutes of therapy recommended

Integrated Therapeutic Swedish Massage
This therapy includes techniques from advanced therapy modalities to suit your needs and preferences. You will enjoy the long, rhythmical, firm strokes, kneading, stretches, and the relaxation of a good massage. Intensity is adjusted to your preference and problem areas are being addressed.
Allow at least one hour of treatment for best benefits.

Migraine Miracle® Headache and Migraine Relief
A blend of pressure point massage, aromatherapy, and cold stone therapy provide relief from headache and migraine symptoms.
Find more information and testimonials at http://www.migrainemiracle.com/

Deep Tissue Therapy
Deep Tissue therapy is a very slow, deep, and intensive type of massage applied with cocoa butter instead of massage lotion. This therapy can be very painful at times and render you very sore for a few days. To make the treatment more effective it is used in combination with QS Myofascial therapy. The length of a Deep Tissue session is at least one hour which is usually enough time to address one particular problem area of the body such as head and neck, shoulder girdle, back, or pelvic girdle.
Deep Tissue therapy is only used when necessary and appropriate for a particular client. A series of regular Swedish massage treatments with Ruth Bucher, LMT, is required prior to a Deep Tissue treatment. 
At least one hour of treatment is required.

Myofascial Deep Tissue Massage

This is a one hour full body session that includes work on the front, both sides and the back of the body.
An additional half hour will allow including muscle release therapy for further benefits.  Intensity of pressure will be adjusted to your needs and preferences. You will get results as good as or better than regular Deep Tissue Massage without the pain often involved during regular deep tissue massage sessions.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is a form of Swedish massage that addresses common aches and pains associated with pregnancy, and helps in preparation for childbirth.
Schedule your first session after the first trimester.
One hour of massage and advanced notice required.
Chair Massages and Short Table Massages
This is a quick pick-me-up for busy people. You can keep your clothes on. 
15 to 30 minutes
(Private and corporate massage events available)     

Hot Stone Therapy
This therapy includes relaxing, light Swedish massage and the use of the calming heat of hot, smooth river stones.
Allow 90 minutes of treatment for best benefits.
A-Di-La' Facial Toning and Massage  

This gentle facial massage regimen includes natural Al-Di-La' skin products, hot towels, a relaxing face massage, and gentle hand and foot massage. Thank you for not wearing makeup.
This is a one hour session; add 30 min. of back massage for an extra treat.

Foot Massage
includes a soothing Chinese foot bath to rejuvenate your tired, aching feet.
30 minutes of massage; advanced notice required; scheduling restrictions may apply.

How Often Do I Schedule a Massage/ BodyWork Session to Get Best Results?
If you are new at getting massages, or had a long break since your last massage, schedule the first three appointments at one-week intervals. After this, the frequency of your sessions depends on the amount of stress and physical discomfort you encounter in your life. For better health, faster improvements, and lasting results schedule at least one 60 minute session per month.

Which massage or bodywork modality do I need to get?

That depends on your personal needs and preferences. Each session is customized to your specific physical situation. Call for more specific information, 469-338-9748.

Disclaimer for Your Information

The therapy sessions offered here are all customized, high quality Therapeutic BodyWork and Massage Modalities.

NOT offered here are massages for Adult Entertainment and Discount Massages.

©Ruth Bucher, 2016,  rubu1323@yahoo.com