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Ruth Bucher, LMT, CTAP, CBP, MTI, Member AMTA
Cell: 469-338-9748      e-mail: rubu1323@yahoo.com

Do you have an opening right now?
How much do you charge?
Do you give discounts?
Should I give a tip?
What are the benefits of therapeutic massage?
How frequently do I need massage therapy?
Which massage or bodywork modality do I need to get?
What Should I do after a massage therapy session?
When NOT to get a massage
Why is breast massage important (primarily a female issue)?
Do you drape?
Massage types NOT offered

Do you have an opening right now?
Please call me at leastone hour before your requested appointment time, I would like to be able to appropriately prepare for your massage session (469-338-9748).

The further in advance you schedule your session, the more likely you will get an appointment time that fits your schedule.

If you have to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please call at least 12 hours ahead of your appointment – thank you.
For cancellation policy click here.


How much do you charge?
For therapy fees please call or text : 469-338-9748

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Do you give Discounts?
Per paying client you refer you will receive a $ 10 credit on your next massage session (gift certificates don’t count as referrals until new clients start coming in after their gifted session).

Should I give a Tip? 
Therapy rates are competitively priced.
If you feel the therapy is worth more than the fee charged please express your appreciation with a gratuity.

A gratuity (tip) is an opportunity for the client to express her or his appreciation for a job well done.
It is not required, but very much appreciated.

Accordig to "Tipping 101" by Allie Firestone, "what it boils down to is that a tip is a way of showing your appreciation for a service--so if you love what you got, show the love with a little extra; and, if not, use a smaller tip as a way to give some constructive feedback. Whenever I'm in doubt, I've found that using the 15 to 20 percent rule is usually a safe bet."
http://www.divinecaroline.com/article/22287/55220-tipping-101/3 Sept 12th, 2008

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 What Are the Benefits of Therapeutic Massage?
 ~ Calms body and mind
~ Gives relief from soreness and pain
~ Helps you feel more energetic and alert
~ Helps you move with greater ease and freedom
~ Helps recovery from old and new injuries
~ Helps prevent new injuries
~ Promotes relaxation and stress reduction
~ Increases circulation
~ Activates and supports the body's own defense system
~ Improves muscle tone
~ It can help improve and maintain athletic performance
~ Promotes overall wellness
~ Makes you feel well and look good!
~ And much more

For lasting benefits, schedule at least one hour of massage therapy per month.

How frequently Do I Need Massage Therapy?
To newcomers to the massage therapy experience, it is recommended to schedule the first three appointments at one-week intervals. The frequency of following treatments depends on the amount of stress and physical discomfort you encounter in your life ~ for lasting benefits schedule at least one hour of massage therapy per month. 

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Which massage or bodywork modality do I need to get?
It depends on your personal needs and preferences. Each session is customized to your specific physical situation.
For the first session I usually recommend Integrated Therapeutic Swedish Massage. This therapy gives us the opportunity to get to know each other better, and lets you feel examples of the different therapies offered at Celestine Therapy.
In following sessions you can choose to experience the different therapies as full sessions.
Together we can find what gives you the best results and benefits, and/or you can decide which type of work you feel like or need in any given session.  

Call for more specific information:, 469-338-9748. 


What Should I do After a Massage Therapy Session?
After any type of massage therapy and bodywork drink plenty of fresh water (4 to 5 glasses more than your usual amount) to help prevent excessive soreness.
A short time of rest after a massage will increase the benefits of your treatment.
Not everybody experiences excessive soreness after a massage session.
A hot bath with Epsom salt and apple cider vinegar* can help if your body aches like after too much exercise.
Just like in exercising, your body will get used to therapeutic massage and after future sessions you will feel more comfortable.

Usually, soreness after a session is not an indicator of how successful a session is in rendering expected results.
Exercise after a therapy session is NOT recommended.
* Per 60lbs of body weight add 1 cup apple cider vinegar and 1 cup Epsom salt to bath water as hot as tolerable (don’t scald yourself!). Soak for about 20 minutes. Wrap yourself in a towel and lie down to sweat and rest. Take a cool shower to rinse off.

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When NOT to Get a Massage
It is unwise to get a massage when you don't feel well enough for moderate to strenuous exercising, cleaning house, or participating in other moderate to strenuous physical activities.
Your body is in the process of fending off disease. Massage releases toxins from your muscles into your bloodstream and can overload your body’s defense system. Therefore, it is not wise to subject your body to additional strain, even if you think that it might help your "aching bones".
For the same reasons, if you are seeing a physician and/or are taking antibiotics for any infectious condition, please call to reschedule your appointment.
Another reason not to get a massage while you are feeling “under the weather”: It is in your (and other client's) interest to keep your massage therapist healthy. She will not be able to help you (or anyone else) when she has to cancel appointments because of sickness.
After surgery or other serious injury, wait at least six weeks, or ask your physician when it will be o.k. to receive therapeutic massage.
Pregnancy: Massage is very beneficial after the first trimester.

Cancer: depends on the case, consult your physician.

If in doubt, call 469-338-9748.
Please remember to cancel/reschedule your session at least 12 hours before your appointment time, or as soon as possible.
            Thank you!

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Why is Breast Massage Important (primarily a female issue)?
Massage of breast tissue helps lymph drainage, especially when wearing underwire bras every day. Lymph drainage at a regular basis helps prevent certain cancers and other diseases of the tissue. Regular breast massage also helps the reduction of appearance of fibroid tissue in the breasts (“lumpy” breasts).
Breast massage is not included in a standard massage therapy session. It is only done by specific request and written permission. I will be happy to discuss the subject and teach you how to do your own breast massage.
If you are interested in the possible link between breast cancer and underwire bras refer to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dressed_to_Kill_(book).

Do you Drape?

For the comfort of the client and the massage therapist in proper professional massage it is customary to cover the client with a sheet and uncover only the body parts that are being worked on.
If you have a question about this policy, please see following paragraph.

Disclaimer / for Your Information
The therapy session offered here are all customized, high quality Therapeutic BodyWork and Massage Modalities.

NOT offered here are “Discount Massages” and massages for “Adult Entertainment”.

İRuth Bucher, 2017,  rubu1323@yahoo.com